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The West Virginia Fiction Award -Good News

diaperdadI got a bit of good news last week. I learned that I am a finalist for the West Virginia Fiction Award. This is another in a long series of positive developments in my writing career for which I am very grateful.
I am taking it as a bit of confirmation that all the work I am putting into this effort is paying off. It would be wonderful to win, but it really is nice just to be nominated. Did I just say that? Oh well, ‘tis true enough.

The story is a humorous one, and I think the Award is more geared toward more serious work, so we’ll see if it makes them laugh enough to look past the real serious stuff. See, I’m already building a psychological defense mechanism against losing –maybe it will work. Self-delusion? Maybe I should have gone into politics after all.

There are other good things happening on the authorial front that I will fill you all in on whenever they become official, or mostly official.

Patience is a virtue that certainly seems required for this kind of work. I am discovering that a key to success lies in continuing to be active even while you wait. If the thing you wait for doesn’t pan out, then have something else in the ‘ole pipeline.

Remember there’s a lot in your hands, and a lot that isn’t. Keep writing, keep imagining, keep on yielding in your heart to the Sovereign God of all.

While my novel has been done for a while and I wait on that front I’ve been very active with The Fledge Chronicles serial and good things keep happening there and my imagination conjures up some really fun possibilities in the future for the citizens of Fledge.

Thanks for supporting me, friends.

Note: See original post at the old blog and the original comments -very kind.

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