Green Behind the Tears

OK. Following up my rare Saturday (and sports-oriented) post with another. Note: If the U.S. had lost I’d just pretend it never happened.

The poor English goalkeeper, Robert Green, is behind the tears of many in England. His botching of a routine stop allowed the U.S. to draw even and cause a tie in Saturday’s World Cup round one match. The man of the match? Our goalkeeper, Tim Howard.

As for us, the U.S., we’ll take the tie over the favored English and hope to seal our advance with two important wins in the next weeks.

Here’s the video of the tie-allowing goal. (I have scored some weak ones like that myself, actually. Back a million years ago when I played. But not against England. Yikes.)

See the video here. (The Youtube I had up was taken down.)

Also: I did tell you to look out for Clint Dempsey (the guy who scored for us). I guess Robert Green, shockingly, is one of the few international sports stars who doesn’t read this blog.


  1. Apparently the official web snoopers for FIFA read this blog, because they have blocked the content of your video! If someone with a whistle knocks at your door and holds a red card in the air RUN! RUN LIKE THE WIND!

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