The Green Ember Book 3 (Is S. D. Smith Working On Another Book in The Green Ember Series?)

This is the question I get asked all the time, in person, and via email and the post. I get a LOT of mail like the letter below.

I CAN’T have kids exploding over this! Seems like it would tarnish my reputation and disappoint my mother. NOT okay with that. So, I am very happy to say that I am working on The Green Ember: Book 3!

I am really enjoying writing this book! It’s been a blast. It’s definitely hard work, but it’s been worth it. So far, I’m very pleased. I am super excited to share this next adventure with you. I’m so honored that you want to know what’s next for Heather and Picket and the rest of our Natalian rabbit friends.

I love sharing New Stories with an Old Soul, and I plan to keep saying yes to that calling as long as I’m able.

Like I said in the video, please sign up for my (funny, infrequent) newsletter to be the first to know when Book 3 will be released. Thanks!

If you’re eager for Book 3, you know about books 1 (The Green Ember) and 2 (Ember Falls). But do you know about the prequel: The Black Star of Kingston? You can get a FREE ebook by subscribing to the newsletter, or order a print copy at Amazon, (audiobook at Audible), or our store here:

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  1. Oh my goodness I CAN’T wait for the third book!!!!! They are so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I, too, was unsure whether or not the series would continue. I would take out the books and pour over them, looking for some confirmation of more books. Heh heh! I mean, Green Ember is one of the best series in my bookshelf!
    Thank you again, and I must say again, WHAT GREAT BOOKS! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    1. Hi, TeenBookwrm!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series. Thank you for the encouraging words! I’m so sorry it was difficult to find out if there would be another book. I’m glad this post helped!

      I can’t wait to share the next adventure with you!


      1. hello Sam I just wanted to say how amazing your books are i have read all 3 of the main green ember books and i hope that you will bring out another book that ends picket and heathers journey with heather escaping the pit, picket being reunited with his family and the rabbit race putting an end to the tyranny of morbin

  2. My 7 yr old son Joen told me to ask you what the title of the 3rd book is going to be and to tell you he loves all 3 of your books so far because there’s a lot of ACTION!

    1. Hi Mom and Joen! I’m glad you like the books, buddy. I don’t know the title of the third book, yet. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out. 🙂

  3. I bought the first book to use as a read aloud for my homeschooled kids, and we were so busy that we read the first chapter and then got distracted, and didn’t get back to it right away.
    I was on a long flight home from Peru where we are missionaries, and remembered I had the kindle version on my phone, so I read it all the way home and then finished it at 2 am a couple nights later. I immediately bought the 2nd book and the Black Star, and that’s pretty much all I’ve gotten accomplished over the past few days. (That’s OK, because it’s been so long since I have had the chance to read for pleasure, and since I couldn’t put them down, it was pretty much all I could do…)

    Anyway, my question is…What order would you recommend we read them in together as a family? Is it best to start with the Black Star or read the Green Ember books first and go back and read the prequel?

    Can’t wait for book 3 (and 4 and 6 and 8) 🙂 I was an English Lit major in college, and Tolkien, Lewis and now Smith are among my favorite authors!

    Thank you for taking me back to the realm of heroes and heroines!

    1. Dear Vicki,

      Thank you so much for the encouraging note! I’m so glad you enjoyed the books and I’m grateful you’ll be reading them as a family. I am honored!

      I would read them in publication order. 1. TGE 2. BSOK 3. EF

      Thanks and God bless you!


  4. What a blessing you are to so many kids and moms and dads! We look forward to book 3! We pray that God will bless you with uninterrupted time and that the words will flow with ease onto your computer. Deep breath and may the coffee be in endless supply as you press on in these wonderful adventures you have created!

    Thank you for sharing Heather, Picket and their adventures with us!
    Terra-Leigh for the Baghurst family

    1. Dear Terra-Leigh,

      Thank you for this encouragement and the many encouragements of the past from the Baghurst family!

      It’s such a joy to have allies such as yourselves here for this journey. Your prayers mean so much to me!

      God bless you and please say hello to the rest of the family for me!


  5. My son has read (devoured?) books 1 and 2 and is working on The Black Star of Kingston. He says A-W-E-S-O-M-E (his inflection)!

    We bought the books directly from your website, so I’m wondering where would be the best or most helpful place to leave a review?

    1. Hi Elizabeth!

      Thanks so much for the kind comment. Pease say hello to your son for me! I like his enthusiasm. 🙂

      Thanks for asking about the review. Amazon is great, and you don’t have to have bought it there to review it there. All you need is an account. But anywhere you are willing is tremendously helpful. I’m so grateful.

      God bless you!

  6. My 7 year old daughter is obsessed with these books. We read The Green Ember Aloud beginning in March after I bought them at a homeschool conference you spoke at. We went straight through the other two immediately after. My daughter has been re-reading these books ever since (I.e. She refuses to read anything else bc it won’t be as good)! She has all her buddies reading it now and is currently planning a play with her friends, making homemade costumes, and wants a Green Ember theme bday party. You certainly have started something.

    We have one request…[SPOILER REMOVED] I have two girls dreaming of a Heather & Smalls wedding! 🙂

    1. Hi Kelly,

      That is bananas! I’m glad she’s enjoying the books. I hope she’ll soon see them as an avenue into better stories instead of a dead end for reading! Please tell her hello for me and thanks for sharing my story with her friends.

      If you do the party/play then please take pictures!

      God bless you all and thank you so much for the encouraging note.


  7. This summer my 8 year old daughter and I took a road trip to visit family. We were going to be in the car for about 10 hrs and decided to down load a book. We made a list with several choices and settled on the Green Ember. After the first chapter we were both hooked. We stopped listening only long enough to take a break and stretch, then once back on the Interstate the book was back on. We down loaded Ember Falls for the trip back home finding it as good as the first. We will have to have Mom listen to these so that when book 3 arrives we can enjoy it together.
    Thank you for a great story…….

    1. Hi Gerald,

      I’m so glad my story was a companion on your journey. I feel honored. I can’t wait to share book 3 with you and your family. I’m excited about it.

      God bless you,

  8. Very good news indeed! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading the Green Ember books with my 9yo soon. The writing, characters, and plot keep getting better and better! Destined to be classics. My son freaks every time we finish a chapter and I say, “Okay, time for bed!” You do write great cliffhangers 🙂 Thank you for working so hard to bring us books that set the imagination on fire!

    1. Hi Scott,

      I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the books. Thanks for sharing this with me. I hope the cliff-hangers aren’t too bad, but I do like to keep things pushing forward. 🙂

      I am eager to get to the end myself!

      Thanks again for the encouraging note, and please say hi to your son!


  9. Hi Mr Smith I just wanted to say that your books are amazing!!!!!!!! It seems like no one writes stories about bunnies ? anymore but then you went and wrote the best rabbit tale ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANK YOU so much for writing them. God bless you .

  10. We live in Iraq working with a development company. We are waiting for your third book to come out!! When is it coming?

    A mom and two anxious kids

    1. Thanks for asking, Rachael!

      There’s no new news, but I’m working on it. And the best way to stay up to date is by joining my newsletter.


  11. What absolute, breathtaking fun! The “Green Ember” story takes on epic proportions that mirror “Watership Down” and J.R.R. Tolkien’s’ works! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful imagination with the rest of the world. You better hang on and get ready for a wild ascension into mega-fame, because that is what these works will bring to you. Looking forward to the next installment!

    1. Well, thank you very kindly, Sheri. That is very encouraging. I’m a leeeetle bit scared of this wild ascension, but I will do my best to hold on to my hat. 🙂

      God bless you!


  12. I’ve been reading “The Green Ember” aloud to my daughters at night … all of us are absolutely loving this wonderful story! (Actually, I loved it so much I’ve already finished it and “Ember Falls”, but they don’t know I sneaked ahead.) When I was young, I fell in love with the wonder of writers like MacDonald, Tolkien, and Lewis; as a parent, I’ve tried to find literature of their same imagination and beauty for my own children. This has been a greater challenge than I initially anticipated, and so finding these treasures you’ve written has been such a delight! Thank you for these stories, and the ones yet to come. I’m looking forward to book-the-third. Please keep writing. Good stories matter.

    1. Hi Andie,

      What an incredibly kind note. Thank you so much for taking the time to share it with me. It means so much to me to hear that, and to see a clear connection between what I’m aiming to do and asking God to do through me and the answer to those prayers. I genuinely want to give kids “new stories with an old soul” and serve them in love. I’m so grateful that your family are enjoying the series. I can’t wait to share what’s next.

      Cheers, and God bless you!

  13. We love the books! Will there be a Kickstarter project, so we can back Book 3?

    God bless from Greenbrier Co, WV,

  14. Hi, “Master Child”!
    My brothers and mom and I have been reading the books aloud to help the toddler fall asleep each night (when he brought the Kindle over and said “Emma. Pickick” I was so very proud) and we just finished Ember Falls. I refuse to read the prequel because the only Blackstar I like is Cole, and the cliffhanger is torturing me! I mean, WWWHHHYYY did you kill Smalls? He was the best character! Kyle should have been the one to go, he was just horrible. Though I do firmly uphold the belief that as Kyle is professing his love for Heather, Smalls will limp in and stab him. Also, Emma has no redeeming values except for being nice-horrible to Picket (guessing he won’t complain in front of HER again, though he did deserve it) and it was sort of cowardly of her to try and sacrifice herself, death would be a very handy way to escape the duties of being a queen. Heather would have been so much of a better queen, ruling by Smalls’ side forever…before reading the paragraph where Heather reveals she wants to be his queen, my mom said to me, “You’re really going to like this next bit”…the most important papers in my desk are the ones covered with rabbits and scribblings of “Smeather”, which is my new favorite word. Why did Perk become the bad guy? Picket needs a new friend now, and given his luck in picking friends who don’t turn out to be traitors it’s gonna be hard. Also, Helmer is amazing though I wish it was HelmAr, that just feels right, like PicketT and Haina and Heyward. Though I really have no idea of the actual spellings, I did in some cases ask my mom and was severely disappointed at her answers. Anyway, I really liked the “write another book or I will explode” letter, and agree with every sentiment expressed in it. Seriously, you’ll just be having a cup of coffee and suddenly see a huge, as Maggie puts it “kaboom” in the distance, out your window.
    insert angriest emoji ever created here

    1. Hi, CallMeHeather.

      Wow, that is some intense stuff. I’m sorry some of my decisions have mildly displeased you. 😉

      I hope you’ll keep giving my stories a chance, but I can’t promise that more bad things won’t happen. 🙁

      God bless you!

    2. LOL! I have gone through these same feelings myself while reading the green ember. while I completely agree with you about most of this, Callmeheather, you have to keep in mind that Emma was not prepared to be a queen, she is only a very young adult–maybe 20 in human years, so yes she is going to make some foolish juvenile mistakes, like all of us would if put in her place. smalls was-IS my favorite character in the book, so I totally get how you feel. like you, I too was VERY upset by his “death” but there is some pretty good evidence of him being alive, so not all hope is lost. also, as someone trying to make into the writing profession, I think that killing Smalls was actually a smart move for the sake of drama (all personal feelings aside). especially if he’s not actually dead, now that would just be poetic! Though SD might be getting enough hate mail about it to make smalls magically appear or something, who knows! what I do know is that SD Smith wants to see other people happy, and he obviously likes to do this through letting them experience the wonder of Natalia, and all the lovely rabbits inside. so thanks SD for putting so much time into these books! while not everyone is liking the choices you’ve made with smalls and a few other characters, I think most will stick with you because your story is AWSOME!

  15. I have never despised the words “The End” as I do in your books. I am 42 years old, sneaking my kids read aloud away from them. Desperately trying to stay awake and then I arrive at the dreaded words, “The End”. (My children say the pledge to each other and beg to read just one more. Gort and Dr. Zeiger have us in stitches. I have never had a book hurt my sides, water my eyes and race my heart like this. Bravo!)

    1. Thank you, Angie. I can’t wait to share the next book with you!

      I’m so grateful for your kind words of encouragement.

      Go bless you!

  16. Thank you so VERY much for putting your time and effort into creating the world which I enjoy and love so much! I have read your books over and over again (especially Ember Falls) to see whether I can pull more out of them! You are a fantastic writer!

    I suggest these books to almost everyone I know. Again thank you! Praying for you and your family!
    God bless!

      1. Thanks you so Much for an amazing book it was incredible the characters the plot everything I am a huge fan of the green ember I’ve read the black star of Kingston and the green ember it’s so encouraging and beautiful and I am proud to say you are my favorite author your story of the green ember is so amazing
        It’s the best book I’ve ever read
        I love how loyal and brave the young rabbits are it makes me feel brave myself like I’m in the story crying with them laughing and loving with them
        Thank you for an amazing story I am reading ember falls and it’s great so far god bless you and your family?

  17. Hey I read the green ember the black Star of Kingston and I’m reading ember falls they were so good I felt like I was living in the story it was amazing though I was really sad when smalls died I thought he should have lived? but other then that they they are the most amazing books ever? god bless you!

  18. Hey your books our wonderful the green Ember it’s an amazing story with an amazing plot I am so glad to have read the series I have read the black star of Kingston the green ember and I’m on Ember Falls I cannot wait till book 3 what’s really sad is that smalls died but other than that it’s great god bless you and keep up the good work?

  19. Dear Mr. Smith,
    As a die-hard fan of Tolkien, (I can recite all the lineage of Aragorn, and the entire poem of Tinuviel and Beren.) I can tell you truly that I hardly ever find a book that makes me fangirl as much as Lord of the Rings. But your story did.
    I have read TGE and EF both over four times, and TLA and TBSoK twice each. (And I plan to start reading TLA again in a few days) I LOVE them!!!!
    Seriously, I feel your works could stand up to Tolkien and Lewis. They have that feel that well-written fantasy books can give you. (The deep longing to climb a tree and read forever.)
    Please keep writing!!! And can Smalls PLEASE not die?!! I told my brother that if Smalls was really dead, I would never read the books again. (It wasn’t actually true, but still!)
    If he really does, it will probably break my heart more than Haldir’s death in the LotR movies. PLEASE don’t kill him!
    Actually, on second thought, who am I to judge? I am writing a fantasy series about horses, and literally everybody dies, including my favorite character. 😉
    Maybe I like having a broken heart.
    In that case, whatever ends up happening, you will always have me for a reader. Can’t wait till your next book!!!
    ~Shieldmaiden of Rohan

    1. Hi Shieldmaiden!

      Thank you so much for writing. I am grateful for your kind words. I can’t wait to share the new book with you. It’s been so fun to create and “m eager for it to be read!

      God bless you and all the best on your adventures!

    2. TOTALLY understand Sheildmaiden! I feel the same exact way! I told my sister if smalls died I would have a mental break down! (I was just being dramatic though, no worries!) also, I am writing a book where several of the main-ish characters die, so I guess I’m not in a place to judge either! also, just a piece of mystery for you here, we never really hear about Small’s past, who knows what terrible things have happened to him! all we know is that it was bad enough that he would tell Picket that it was okay to hate him.

  20. I just read Ember Rising (after devouring the first two) and I really would like to know if there is a fourth book coming…….. 🙂 I love love LOVE your writing! Thanks for sharing Heather and Picket’s story with the world.

      1. YAY! I think I may have been very angry if that was the last book…… 🙂 I nearly chucked it across the room at the ending.

  21. The way book three ended there had better be more… I get that leaving it hanging gets people to read the next book but why not set off the cliff hanger chapter? So we know not to read it until closer to when the next one is coming out? A year and a half is a long long time to get stuck on cliff, even if it is metaphorical

    Also, as a writer, what do you do when you get your characters into a problem you don’t know how to solve? I am working on a story for college and I am stuck because my characters are in way or my head

  22. I am currently in a book writing class, and am writing my 2nd book right now. I was wondering what you do when you get stuck without an idea to continue your story, I guess what I mean to say is, what do you do when you get writers block? I had it for a month, but have been without it for about four months now, and I was just wondering how you handle writers block.

  23. Abigail Steele says
    January 30, 2019 4:45 pm

    I am amazed by your writing! The Green Ember series are the best books I have ever read in my whole life! When Mom first introduced us to the Green Ember, she down-loaded the audio version, and we listened to the whole thing. We downloaded Ember Falls immediately afterwards. My very favorite book was Ember Rising, especially the end part! We were completely devastated when Mom announced “Book four won’t be out for about a year and a half!” We are still waiting for it. For my birthday, I received the whole paperback series, including The Black Star of Kingston and The Last Archer. I love them all and have read through the whole series about three times! After eight months of listening to and reading these books, I have never tired of them, and I still read them, every day, all time. Also, I have drawn and colored some of the characters and taped them to the door of my closet. That was fun.
    When I read the “Write another book or I will explode” letter off the internet, I laughed pretty hard. I think I might be the same way. We are encouraged to know that the making of book four is in progress. We must ‘bear the wait.’ Please go as fast as you can with the fourth book! We can’t wait for it!

  24. Hosanna Steele says
    January 30 2019 5:21
    YOUR BOOKS ARE THE BEST! I’ve always wanted to go on an adventure, so when I listened to The Green Ember, Ember Falls, and Ember Rising I thought that Heather and Picket’s adventure was just the one I would like to go on. The night my sisters my mom and I finished Ember Rising, we were jumping all over the place with excitement, because by the time we were getting to the second to last chapter, we didn’t know if all the remaining things that had to happen could fit into two chapters, and we were absolutely amazed when Heather found Smalls. Now we know that there has to be another book, and we are desperate for it! Keep writing!

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