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Green Ember Rising: Latest S. D. Smith Book Another Huge Hit

In 2018, we released the third book in The Green Ember Series and it was another big hit! It’s easy to quickly move past these milestones, so I’m slowing down a bit and putting together some highlights from last year and sharing Sam’s journey (both literally and metaphorically). Stop one, the launch of Ember Rising! It was fantastic! –Josiah

In January 2018 Sam and Gina announced the release dates for Ember Rising: The Green Ember Book III


On the eve of launching our Kickstarter, Facebook changed its algorithms. This significantly stifled our (and other businesses’) ability to reach folks who wanted to hear from us on that platform. So we had to scramble a bit to get the word out. You guys helped us so much!

Lots of #GreenEmberKidArt featured in the Ember Rising Kickstarter Video.
“Kick Starter — Kick Him Harder!” Silliness galore. (I finally get some screen time.)

Sam did a bunch of Sam is Sick of Talkin’ Bout Himself videos… because he was sick of talkin’ ’bout himself. You can watch those by clicking on this hashtag: ‪#‎sisotbhshtbse

After just 3 Days you guys put us over the top of our $50,000 Kickstarter goal! By the end of the Kickstarter, the total surpassed $80,000!
The Future World: SG 75000″Bestselling author S. D. Smith stars in a film that puts the INEMA UMPH in Cinematic Triumph.”
–Critic Martin Fitzpillswaller, The New York Swines

Bottom line: The book launch was a tremendous success and we hear again and again from readers that this is their favorite in the series. You would not believe how many letters and emails and messages Sam gets from fans who loved it and want more!

(So I’m sharing these posts while he’s writing more books. Go easy on me. I’m not a professional writer!)

More fun memories to share! Hope you enjoy them.

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