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The Green Ember is Spreading Worldwide! (Canada and Australia Now Stocking The Green Ember…UK Next?)

These best-selling books are reaching all over the world! Beyond ebooks and audiobooks, which are easy for anyone, anywhere, to buy, we have reliable reports of The Green Ember Series being enjoyed in physical form on ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS.

Yes, even Antarctica. A friend of ours shared that she donated the series to a library in Antarctica, where about 1,000 researchers work. Amazing!

Meanwhile, some others aren’t thrilled when it’s hard, or expensive, to get a physical copy. We’ve heard from lots of countries about this problem, and that’s before we even get into the lack of translation. (One thing at a time!)

The bad news is that it isn’t easy to set up, and we need partners in those countries who want to distribute the books.

Good news, though! That’s starting to happen. G’Day, eh? You can order physical books in these two fine countries from these fine people.

Our Canadian friends can get the books from Classical Education Books.

For our Australian friends, the books are available from The Wandering Bookseller.

We are looking for distributors in other countries to carry the books. Many folks in the UK request the physical book, so if you know of a distributor who might want to carry the books there, please contact Story Warren Books.

If someone had a shop in Liverpool, near Anfield, and wanted Sam to come over for a book-signing, he would NOT be opposed to that. 🙂


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