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Would You Help Us Share The Green Ember Audiobook Deal? (It’s Only $1!)


In cahoots with the legendary Money Saving Mom, we are sharing an incredible deal. I’d love your help getting the word out.

For a short time, you can get The Green Ember audiobook–all eight hours of adventure–for one measly, single, solitary dollar. 

Would you share this with your friends? If you have trouble thinking of something, you can copy and paste this:


Want an exciting 8hr kids adventure for $1?   http://bit.ly/1MFWxAc


Want 8 hours of exciting, audiobook adventure for only ONE DOLLAR?

S. D. Smith’s beloved rabbit adventure, The Green Ember, is only $1 for the moment. Get your download now!


I’m so grateful for Crystal Paine’s (MSM) willingness to share our story and this bargain with her ginormous audience. She is great! (By the way, she has a new book, Money-Making Mom, aimed at equipping entrepreneurial moms.)


This audiobook is usually sold on Audible for about $20 and on our site it’s discounted to around $10. So why are we discounting it by approximately 7,000 percent? (Note: I’m not a Mathematician.) Because I want the story to reach a bunch of new readers/listeners.

How much of a bunch? 1,000 human beings and/or families.

In order to get the download for this downLOW price, you have to sign up for my newsletter. So it’s not all about the Washingtons for me, it’s about making a connection with readers/listeners that I hope continues into the future. A future where more stories live.2014-10-12 14.18.50

After talking–and more importantly listening–to a very wise friend this past weekend, I’m more determined than ever to be bold and focused in sharing my work with readers. I don’t believe my books are anything like perfect, but I do believe in these stories. I back the books, flaws and all.

I believe the call on my life right now is to get focused, to become an arrow in the arms of God, aimed at one small part of the darkness.

arrow burn


  1. My kids and I just finished reading The Green Ember today and are so delighted to see this deal on the audiobook! Everyone is excited to listen, and we also can’t wait to read Black Star. Thank you for writing and sharing these wonderful stories!

  2. Just finished listening the audible version. I LOVED it. Started listening with my nine-yr-olds but got impatient with waiting for them to have a moment to sit, so I went on without them.

    Our 12hour vacation trip this week will include this as well as the next book. Please keep this saga going!

    Chronicals of Narnia meets LOTR-lite. Love!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your rich, beautiful tales of adventure. Keep writing! May the Lord bless you!

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