#GreenEmberKidArt July Prize Winners Announced!

It was yet another great month for fantastic #GreenEmberKidArt! As you know from the official rules, the child’s age needed to be posted (every month great ones are ineligible because of this!) and the post needed to be public on either Instagram or Facebook. The art can be of different varieties. You DO NOT need to post it TO the Facebook or Instagram page, only to tag Sam’s pages there!

We pick one random winner (from among all eligible entrants) and one we judged (accounting for age) the “best.” This month we had two finalists and we actually held a vote in a few different places to break the tie! It was SO CLOSE! One was stronger on Instagram and one on Facebook. BOTH artists will receive a prize…

Drumroll please…..


Our Best #GreenEmberKidArt of the Month Winner!

By ONLY 3 VOTES (totaled from multiple public polls)…

Elise, 11 years old. Wonderful job!

And our VERY NEAR runner-up…

12 year old NC girl. Excellent!


Well done and amazing job to BOTH girls! Both will win prizes!


And now…

 Our Randomly Selected Kid Artist Winner!

By “M”, age 12.

Congrats to Elise, NC Girl, and “M”!

This was fun! The “best” choice was VERY tough and VERY close! Don’t lose heart if you missed out this month. Try again! Remember, all winners are entered for the Grand Prize at the end of the year!

Follow this tag (#GreenEmberKidArt) to see the wonderful art by the kids (posted by parents) on Instagram.

And here for the same tag on Facebook.

It’s wonderful stuff!

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