Guest Post: Exactly 100 Words On Authenticity

Are you tired of merely trying to control dandruff?  Had enough of shampoos that fight dandruff where it starts but require multiple, regular applications and boring self discipline?  Are you ready to do less work and get back to having fun again?  Try new Dandouflage!  After just one use, your hair will turn the exact color of dandruff, rendering your dandruff completely invisible.  And if you order now, you will also receive a Dandouflage t-shirt absolutely free!  You can choose from solid Dandouflage tan or black with Dandouflage flecks.  Quit working so hard and start hiding comfortably.  Try Dandouflage today!

Aaron Roughton

Get Aaron’s album, “All I Want,” here.


  1. HA! That’s funny. And gross. For whatever reason, (probably the mention of dandruff–hello) it brings to mind these Garbage Pail Kids trading cards that were a phenomenon when I was a kid….ew.

  2. Authentic post Aaron. Dandoflage helps you keep it real.

    Embrace your flakes and keep it real with Dandoflage!

  3. Everyone here is too kind. Thanks for the encouragement, and obviously for the reminder about garbage pail kids. I think I might still have a Shorn Shawn card laying around. I guess I’m too late to suggest Dandouflage Danny. Who allows this stuff?

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