Guy On A Buffalo Returns, Mankind Laughs Again

Perhaps you remember this wonderful thing in the world, Guy On a Buffalo. Then they made another one (below) and people laughed even more. Dr. Jonathan Rogers, Ph.D says part 2 is better than par 1, but I totally disagree. Sure, he’s a Doctor, but so what. So, what, Dr. Rogers, Ph.D. Science is on my side. And religion.

Let the debate begin! Or not. Whatever.


  1. Here’s the thing, SD (and if you had a PhD, I probably wouldn’t have to explain this): you felt a perfectly understandable enthusiasm for the first episode–a first-time thrill that not even the clearly superior second episode could reproduce. But that doesn’t mean that Part 1 is better in any objective sense. In an objective sense, Part 2 is better. It has a cougar and it also deals with orphanhood–which is to say, it has both action-adventure and a social conscience.

    If there were still people in the world who hadn’t already seen and enjoyed GOAB, I could prove my theory (designing experiments is one thing that PhDs do). To half of our sample I would show Episode 1 then Episode 2. To the other half I would show Episode 2 then Episode 1. I would be wearing a white lab coat. I’m quite sure that my experiment would show that almost everyone would prefer whichever episode they saw first. I’m so sure, in fact, that there’s really no need to do the experiment.

    I have noticed a similar phenomenon among readers of Marilynne Robinson’s last two books. Those who read Gilead first tend to like John Ames a lot better than those who read Home first.

    BTW, Episode 3 of GOAB came out today:

  2. I hate to have to repeat myself, but I feel like I must if you continue in your current path, Dr. Rogers. Science and Religion are on my side. May I add Aesthetics?

    You PC Academicians are concerned about the treatment of Native Americans in the first episode and I get that. They are sneaked up on, hit in the face with their own gun butts, said guns are busted, and their feet are trod upon. But I feel like we have to accept GOAB as a product of its time. An awesome time when men rode on buffaloes.

    Sure, there will always be Some People who will cling to the later sequels of brilliant and popular originals and claim superiority. We shall call this group the Jar-Jar Binks Contingent. But History, not to mention Architecture and Semiotics, demonstrate how wrong the Jar-Jar Binks Contingent, led by Academicians like Dr. Jonathan Rogers, Ph.D, are.

    If this be error and upon me proved, I never writ, nor ever did that feller ride that thar buffalo. And we know he did cause we seen it in the movie, the first episode of which was by far greatest.

  3. Episode 1 FTW!

    What about the phenomena of liking the first best, second worst, and third second best in every trilogy? Cause I’m gonna say 1st is 1st, 2nd is 2nd, and 3rd is 3rd this time…

  4. Every time I watch this (which is to say, many, many times), one question keeps recurring: If necessity is the mother of invention, then what exigency must have driven mankind to create something so unquestionably awesome? And would it be possible to reproduce said exigency, but multiplied by 10?

  5. I know I’m breaking all laws of both science AND reason as expressed by the initials aforementioned herein this blog, but I saw them in order of 1st then 2nd (as is generally the best way to partake of anything created in an order, or in an order meant to be partaken of), and liked the 2nd better.

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