Ha ha…Words.

Ha ha ha. Laughter. Two more: Ha ha.

Also. I’m 34 today.


  1. Happy birthday champ. You’re lucky to still be in your “early 30s”. I crossed the line into “late 30s” when I turned 36 last November. Although I guess you could make 34-36 “mid 30s”. I don’t know how all that works.

  2. Hilarious.

    Happy Birthday. It’s great once you pass age 32 to think every year about how much Jesus had accomplished by the time he was 32. Then you evaluate your life against that.

  3. Thanks guys, you all are funny. Especially…..drum rolling down a hill……

    Aaron. Aaron wins. I really appreciate the rest of you playing and you’re all wonderful of course, but it’s Aaron. Aaron all the way.

    He keeps the title belt.

  4. Huge-monkey Congo-rats

    … er, I mean …

    Huge-monks-r-us Con-grits!

    … well … er … one more time …


    (oh well … I had the caps lock on, you know what I mean … happy birthday, bro!)

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