Happy Birthday, Gina

Today is my wife’s birthday. Happy Birthday, My Dear. I love you best of all.

Have a happy day. I say “I love you,” in public, in front of my mom and the several others who feel sorry for me and read this blog.

“Our kind of love, never seems to get old. It’s better than silver and gold.”

Neil Young

You are ‘the bess.’

Here’s a painting for you that I’m sure you will love. It has roses in it.


  1. oh my. thanks, honey. you get credit for being the first person to make me LOL (hehe) today! i love you, too, and it IS better than silver and gold. but i wouldn’t mind having some silver or gold for my birthday. the painting is AMAZING.

  2. Happy Birthday to my favourite daughter-by-marriage. Thanks too to Loren for pointing out the unicorn. I was so twitterpated by the chosen one, I didn’t see the horse of fundamental change.

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