Happy Monday Morning

It is 2:13 AM (EST) as of this writing. I am back home in West Virginia, with my excellent wife, Gina, and our wonderful kids (all asleep, of course). I am, as the expression goes, a happy man.

I am just now returned from Nashville, where I was privileged to participate in the inaugural Hutchmoot (a conference of The Rabbit Room).

It was a tremendous event. I do not exaggerate when I say that these last few days exceeded my expectations in a great variety of ways.

I am too tired to get to all that at present, but the arch under which my joy grows is a deep thankfulness to my Father, who answered so many of my prayers with an unmistakeable “Yes.”

I intend to say more later. Happy Monday morning to you.


  1. I find myself sad this morning that it’s all over. Glad you boys made it home safely. Absolutely wonderful to meet you and your entourage. (Though most entourages would rush to the aid of someone who gets tackled by an ex-marine.)

  2. JJ– It is required that you come next year. It’s the law.

    John –Ditto. Thanks for all your help, man!

    Jodi –you know, it does look a little like one of my mansions.

    Dan K–I was soooooo glad to meet you.

    Aaron –What you said. And, I know. I can’t believe my entourage failed me at that critical moment. When I graduate up to your entourage there will be no such lapses, sir!

  3. Sam, I posted this morning on Twitter that I would register today for Hutchmoot 2011. I was seriously thinking about you guys all weekend wishing I was there. My wife even said on Friday night when I mentioned the two openings that she wouldn’t have minded if I went last minute. Granted I didn’t have $160 last minute, but that was sweet of her.

    It will be on my radar for sure when registration starts for next year.

  4. My husband and I enjoyed eating lunch with you Saturday at Hutchmoot. I thought it was amazing how many states were represented at this gathering. People from all over! If you remember, my husband is the geologist who plays a little guitar, and you asked him if he plays “rock music.” ha! Glad you made it back safely to West Virginia! 🙂

  5. Heather! Thanks for saying hello and for remembering one of my worst jokes ever. It was a pleasure to meet you both and I am enjoying your blog right now with my wife.

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