He Saw Our Age

“It may, I think, even be argued that Communism in Russia, National Socialism in Germany, and Capitalism and Liberal Democracy in the Western countries are really three forms of the same thing, and that they are all moving by different but parallel paths to the same goal, which is the mechanization of human life and the complete subordination of the individual to the state and to the economic process.  Of course I do not mean to say that they are all absolutely equivalent, and that we have no right to prefer one to another.  But I do believe that a Christian cannot regard any of them as a final solution to the problem of civilization, or even as a tolerable one.  Christianity is bound to protest against any social system which claims the whole of man and sets itself up as the final end of human action, for it asserts that man’s essential nature transcends all political and economic forms.  Civilization is a road by which man travels, not a house for him to dwell in.  His true city is elsewhere.”

Christopher Dawson, Religion and the Modern State, 1938

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