Here There Be…

Yes, here. On earth. How big have these things (or something like them) gotten in the past? We’ll have to ask St. George someday.

When kids ask about dragons and fairies, giants and dwarves, may I recommend in the strongest possible terms we do not immediately answer something like, “Oh Dear, those things don’t exist.” I am more inclined to say they have and/or do, than absolutely don’t/couldn’t. At least, before you dismiss these possibilities outright, read G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy first, or the Old Testament. Or both.

Many adults would do better to listen to a child for an hour than the child would do listening to the adult. “We have sinned and grown old,” says Gilbert Keith Chesterton. Indeed. We could all do with a trip to “the sunny country of common sense.” That is: Fairyland.

Here’s the story from The Science Punk Blog.

HT: J. Wesley Bush


  1. I’ve been meaning to read “Orthodoxy.” Very soon!

    Meanwhile, the picture link on your homepage that says, “Known all along that SD Smith is a twit? Follow him on Twitter” actually links to the wrong twitter account. Well, I’m guessing that you’re not Samuel Smith in Kansas 🙂

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