How You Can Help After The West Virginia Floods


Many of you probably know me as “that guy from West Virginia,” or, “that West Virginia author.” I’m good with that. I love this state so much. As most of you know, we were hit hard by flooding.

(If you aren’t aware, here’s a story about it. And my own family didn’t see flooding in our town. We are fine.)     

Prayer is needed. This beautiful state is already up against so much.

If you are interested in helping on top of offering prayers, here is another way you can, even if you’re far away.

The Greenbrier Valley Flood Recovery and Relief team has an Amazon wish list of supplies needed right now.

You can engage your kids and pick items your family wants to send to help. My kids were eager to share their own money and be involved in helping. Many of my readers are from out of state, so the Amazon list is easy and effective. 

Here are some more places to check out if you’re eager to help:

Bible Center and Union Mission

Samaritan’s Purse

Catholic Charities of WV

Brad Paisley’s Flood Relief

If you know of another good resource helping, let me know!

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