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Humble Hearts and Other Gifts of Grace


Pictured with his uncle and namesake 4 years ago.

My son, who has provided some giggles to readers of this blog, has been upgraded to a 4. Happy Birthday, son. He is a continual source of joy and thankfulness, and quite a wit. He has been quoted here many times (see here, here, and here, here, and here), but one of my favorite quotes from him is contained in the following note I wrote probably six months ago.

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We frequently pray for humble hearts (maybe because I am learning more about myself and afraid/aware of what I am passing on to my kids). After tonight’s Bible study we prayed with open hands (as if ready to receive a gift) for the God of Abraham to give us humble hearts. After prayer my son, who is three, asked this penetrating question.

“Daddy, is us doing a humble heart God giving us a humble heart?”

I was thrilled. My son seems to understand the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man pretty well.

My response was, “Yes. If we have a humble heart then it’s because God is answering our prayer and giving it to us.”

So, if you think about it, pray for us. What for?

Humble hearts.


“God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” James 4:6, 1 Peter 5:5 (etc.)


  1. Happy birthday blessings to your son and your family! (When I first saw that first photo, I thought their newest had arrived early, but the baby looked too big and healthy to be that premature. Phew!)

  2. Sam,

    Congrats on your son’s birthday. Mine is turning 15 in a little over a week. Hug that little guy while you can! Mine asked if he could get his permit just yesterday.

    Prayers lifted heavenward on your (and my) behalf,


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