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Hutchmoot Ahoy

Hutchmoot, the first annual Rabbit Room conference retreat gathering summit festival event, is happening this weekend in Nashville, TN. It’s the maiden voyage and I’m thrilled to be there for the breaking of the champagne bottle against the vessel. And the hoisting of the anchor.  Also, the green-faced sea-sickness.

The last time I went to Nashville it was for a basketball tournament back when I was in shape and could contribute my customary 6 or so points and 5 or so fouls per game. It must be admitted that I sometimes had more fouls than points. But, if memory serves, I think I absolutely went off for 10 in one game in Nashville. (Points, not fouls. Although, if you could have 10 fouls, who knows?)

I look forward to the event, especially to meeting in person so many of the people I have connected with in the Rabbit Room online community. I am also really honored to be inexplicably given a chance to share on the panels. I hope to demonstrate why taking such a generous risk on someone such as myself never pays off. It’s quite possible I’ll have more fouls than points, once again.

I really look forward to the concerts by AP and the Square Pegs, the address by Walter Wangerin Jr., the book release from Jonathan Rogers, and all the planned events. But I think I’m mostly jazzed for the conversation. The talks with new friends who share some of the same passions. (I refer, of course, to physical/lazy defense in basketball.)

I’m also really happy to be traveling with some great saddle-pals. Should be fun. I have no clever/cheesy, fourth reference to basketball to wrap this up. Sorry. That would have been a real score.


  1. I spent all weekend not thinking about Hutchmoot only to be reminded of it now. Still really bummed that I can’t make it.

    But Sam, some advice for your panel. When in doubt, just nod your head and say “Amen” a lot.

    Or respond to a direct question with, “You know [insert name of question asker here], that is a very good question. But I had the same question myself and would love to hear what [insert name of more qualified answerer here] has to say about that.”

    Or just throw out the “quick to listen, slow to speak” verse and “I’m just here to learn from these fine gentlemen” and feign humility. That’ll get ’em good.

    In all seriousness though (yeah, I was totally kidding before), I’m sure you’ll do totally awesome.

  2. Hutchmoot is making me giddy. I will have to physically restrain myself from packing tonight (or tomorrow). I have a habit of not packing until 10minutes before we leave for any family trip. If I packed 3 days early my wife would (rightfully) accuse me if being childish about this.

    Panel advice:
    you can sound correct in agreeing or disagreeing (as you choose) with any idea by saying “the trajectory of the narrative through scripture leans towards/against that point”.

    Or just blow a vuvuzela at tough questions and hope they go away.

  3. I was hoping that you weren’t going to come. People say you are funny. I have a deep insecurity that causes me to want to be the funniest person around. So, when I’m around people who are legitimately funny, it makes me feel kind of sick. And angry. So, if you were to stay home, then that would be a funny person I wouldn’t have to deal with. And I would feel better. So, you know, take that into consideration.

  4. Robert –no problem, bro. Thanks.

    JJ –your advice is noted, your encouragement appreciated, your supper eaten. Wish you were going to be there.

    Dan K –My first plan is to misquote G.K. Chesteron. Then, as you suggest, I will take up my vuvuzela (I did live in South Africa as a child) and blow verily until everyone leaves.

    Thomas –Your words are like crap upon the bottom of my shoe. Intriguing, beguiling, malodorous, yet comforting.

    Janna –Give it back.

  5. I was so looking forward to your participation in the panel until I saw you called crap “comforting”. Now every time I think you’ve made a good point, it’ll be followed by the thought, “Yes, but he also thinks crap is comforting.” Hmph…

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