I Do Like Spam! Entropy Riot

Hello, Mates. With the hilarity ensured for at least myself, I plan to “maintain up” a regular feature featuring actual spam comments made on this blog and from reader’s blogs. I have done this twice before: here (a post teeming with spamaliscious wonder) and here (a single cracker sent in by some Georgian).

So, all that to say this: please pass along the best of your spam and you could find yourself featured here on this wildly popular blog and you could win one-million euros! Not here, but according to some of my spam, I’m a winner in the euro-lotto.

Now, for today’s entry. As always, the spam comment is represented precisely as it appeared.

“Where by did you got all the  entropy from? I mean   RIOT,.you got  shaking  entropy for your article.”

Submitted by reader, writer and reader Jonathan Rogers. Thanks, JR.

Cool band name? The Entropy Riot.


  1. thank you, sd, for this article on spam. i didn’t bother to read it but certainly wanted to comment because this past weekend while at the local grocery i purchased a can of spam. i haven’t consumed spam in well over fifteen years. part of me is afraid to open this new can but i will soldier on as the subject of this blog article that i haven’t read has given me hope…spam.

  2. An Entropy Riot is what we’ll be having up in here if them fellers over there at the CERN collider gets their atoms whirling around and smashing.

    Maybe RIOT as it is used spamaliciously is supposed to be similar to ROFL, only it means something different. What could it mean?

  3. Way to maintain up, Sam.

    That’s always the kind of response I hope to get from anything I write. I mean, that someone, somewhere will take notice of the entropy that is dragging on me, and which I must continually fight against, and commend me for braving my way through the great struggle of creating under such a heavy disincentive as a weighty cosmic force. Congratulations on being thus recognized, Mr. Jonathan Rogers. And not just entropy, shaking entropy. Wow. That’s impressive.

  4. Yes, RIOT. LOL! ROTFL! [Please note the winking irony: it would be disastrous for my reputation if the readers of sdsmith.net got the impression that I use those abbreviations in earnest. Hence the disclaimer. It almost makes me wonder if it was worth it at all; the abbreviations in question totaled 8 letters, and my disclaimer has now run closer to eight lines. Isn’t that always the case when we act before thinking? The explanations, the apologies, the self-justifications that unspool from a moment’s lapse in judgment!]

    “You got shaking entropy for your article,” it says. Reminds me of something a three-year-old friend of mine said. His big brother had just gotten his first cell phone and was very excited about it. The little brother got the phone and flung it against the tv. The phone broke into several pieces, and the three-year-old announced, “I got muscles for this phone!”

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