I Laughed Like A Laughing Laugher At This

Dedicated fondly to J.J. “J.J.” Mahoney

This comforted me after a particularly bad basketball game (West Virginia’s loss to Louisville). May it bless you likewise in your imaginary troubles.
HT: Abraham Piper


  1. Blast! It figures that it’s a Youtube video, which is blocked here at work. I’ll watch at home later. But I am honored at the dedication. I think.

  2. Yeah, I laughed more the more I watched it. It’s so ESEY to enjoy this.

    JJ, it’s dedicated to you with love, because you like video games and I thought you’d enjoy this dude’s assessment. It’s not a joke (in that sense). 🙂 It’s meant to honor.

  3. Third time watching it, and I wan to hear it again. Beacuase it is awesome. Seriously, if I could get the “P.S section” as a ringtone, I’d be laughing every time I picked up the phone.

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