I Love America, but…

“But you know as well as I, patriotism is a word; and one that generally comes to mean either my country, right or wrong, which is infamous, or my country is always right, which is imbecile.”

Patrick O’Brian

(A quote from an Irish character, Dr. Stephen Maturin, in the Napoleonic Era.)

Here’s another, for good measure.

“He who surrenders himself without reservation to the temporal claims of a nation, or a party, or a class is rendering to Caesar that which, of all things, most emphatically belongs to God: himself.”

C.S. Lewis

I love and am thankful for these United States.


  1. Thanks for the O’Brian quote. Your post reminds me of Screwtape’s instruction to Wormwood regarding the desire to make of men EXTREME patriots or ARDENT pacifists.

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