I Love Grace. U2?

I’m not a big U2 fan. My wife is, and I have no negative feelings toward them, but I sometimes get the reactive attitude related to them. Everyone worships them and it’s been so trendy for so long and sometimes I react to that. Didn’t root for Michael Jordan. Never saw The Passion Of The Christ, etc. I’m totally inconsistent on that, but there it is. So…

I had a bunch of friends in Nashville who went to see U2 recently and it was kind of like the second coming to many of them. But their enthusiasm was pretty catching. Afterwards, Thomas McKenzie linked to a story many of the concert-goers were referencing on Twitter.

You have probably heard Bono talk about Grace and how it’s better than Karma. (If not, read it here.)

Well, he displayed it here. I love this kind of thing.

He invited a fan onto the stage at the close of the show, a blind guy who wanted to play a song for his wife. Bono sang along and the band joined in. Watch it below. Aside from just being cool, this was a little picture of grace to me. Some one, undeserving really,  being welcomed into something much bigger than himself, experiencing an incredible, story of a lifetime, moment. Remind you of anything?


  1. I know how you feel. Usually I react against popular trends myself. But U2, I think, is a good example of a popular trend to follow. I think they’re awesome and brilliant. I’m not sure where Bono’s faith lies on the scale of orthodoxy, but he definitely lives with a certain measure of grace and love. His work in the Third World is genuine.

  2. your wife has good taste in music, Michael Jordan was the best to ever play the game, and you should really watch Passion of the Christ.

  3. So, if I admit that I’m about to google that song and probably download it, am I jumping on a bandwagon? Never liked U2, but I definitely like what he had to say in his interview, and I liked this video, could it be that I could like U2? Oh, and I wonder where you stand on Lebron James?

  4. I was with you. I didn’t really like U2 (and esp Bono). And then I heard Bono speak at the National Prayer Breakfast and his words rocked my very core.To this day, I’ve yet to hear a speech written so well. Thinking I’d prove all the fans wrong, I gave their music a shot determined to hate it. 5 years later, I’m a fan of their music, their outreach, and the way they display the most radical of movements- Grace.

    The concert sat night was incredible.

    Get on board, Sam. It’s worth it. Promise.

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