I Need A Hero

I am given to understand that Superman Returns is not going to make any of the top 10 films of all-time lists by people who say “films” instead of “movies.”

So noted.

Well I, who am well-described as a country rube, found I was crying during parts of it tonight. And these were not tears borne of mourning the death of cinema. Nor were they merely manly allergies.

I cried because I saw masses of people cheer as a man descended from heaven, rescuing people from destruction by his overcoming work. I cried as I saw a man in the heavens listen to the prayers of a hopeless, hurting world and swoop down to save them. I saw a man who inspired hope, embodied virtue, and spoke the truth. A man, and more than a man. A god.

I like this story.

And maybe I am more aware tonight of how desperate I am –we all are– for the kingdom to come and the world to be made new again.

I need someone to save me. The world needs a hero. A man, but more than a man.


  1. I enjoyed it also. But I’m a country rube and a square who refuses to be flattened into a simple definition. I’m more of a rubic cube.

    I think there was a cluster waiting for Superman 5. They’re also still upset “Dinosaurs” was cancelled on ABC. http://youtu.be/QWNqbqcV4dU

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