I Write New Stories with an Old Soul from The Forge

I’m Sam.

I’m married to beautiful and brave Gina and we have four sweet Smithereens. We live in West Virginia and, despite some serious challenges our community faces, we love it. We wouldn’t trade places with the most famous urban elites.

I write New Stories with an Old Soul from The Forge—my writing shed about ten steps behind the photographer in the image above. I love writing adventurous books for families and especially kids. I hear from lots of families and some tell me about reading my stories during dark, difficult days and finding inside them a kind of light. That’s all the encouragement I need.

I believe the vocation of storyteller is more about love and service than fame and self-expression. I feel called to hospitality and hope. I aim to delight.

I’m not offended if my books aren’t for someone. No problem. I am absolutely astonished at the audience of eager readers who they clearly are for. And I’m working for them. For you.

And I’m grateful. Thank you for reading. For encouraging me. For giving my stories a chance. What a gift.

I made these books for you.


  1. Sam,

    I have read aloud through the GE series to my boys (Sam 11, and Luke 8) twice and several months ago they asked if we could do it again. We are currently finishing up Ember Rising- Heather has just been dropped off by her Uncle Garten near Third Warren (hopefully vague enough not to be a spoiler). We are all excited to read tonight to find out what happens:).

    Thank you for giving us a “life giving” story to enjoy together as a family!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. S. D. Smith, I can not thank you enough for these outstanding and amazing books. They give me so much hope in this difficult year. I remember a time when I was reading Ember Rising, and I shouted and shook with joy when they defeated the bad guys. I can not tell you I much I am grateful for these books, but I can tell you that The Green Ember Series is my top favorite books. (And I have read quite a lot of books)
    I am just a normal kid in a normal family and my words do not mean that much, but I just can’t thank you enough for these books. I am so inspired by these books that I decided to write my own story. It is not a fourth as good as yours and it technically does not have #BunnysWithSwords, but I hope that it helps people see that in a dark world, you have to seek for the light.

    My Place Beside You,
    My Blood For Yours,
    Till the Green Ember rises,
    Or The End Of The World!

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