If Possible, I Will Never Use the Word “Blogosphere”

In keeping with long-held tradition, I am celebrating the 201st post here at the Maple Mountain Story Club. {This is among those posts carried over from my former blog, like a refugee.} 

Every time this happens we dress up like adults and go to work. It’s a hoot. Also, it’s a gas.

It really frosts me when people try to say that it isn’t a gas.

Many have asked me what my favorite post at this blog has been.

So, happy 201st Post Day. I’m sure there are celebrations going on all over the world with many peculiar, cultural customs that have crept into the celebration of 201st Post Day over time. That’s all good. One of our core values that we will not negotiate on is that everything is flexible. Your opinion matters as much as mine, except I can delete yours at will.

Sometimes fireflies glide carelessly into traffic and are killed by cars which then parade glow-in-the-dark guck on their windshields for what seems like seconds.

However you plan on spending your holiday, don’t forget the fundamental law of 201st Post Day:

“If I get in a fight today, I will go immediately for the throat. Amen.”

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