In the Night, My Hope…

This song has been a balm, an anthem, a wise friend during some dark days. I think it was Ben Shive who talked about how often you find, among Andrew Peterson fans, that people have been through a lot of deep pain. This feels very true, based on my own experience, as well as having at least an acquaintance with hundreds of other AP fans.

I hope you’ll keep singing these songs, Andrew, till you run out of breath, or the New World comes.


  1. Two days ago I was aching for a video of this song, which has been a friend to me during some hurricanes of late. I could only find poor quality phone recordings on YouTube. This video’s birth is like a hand stretched out to me while I’m floundering around in water just too deep. Thanks for sharing, S. Thanks for writing, AP. thanks for supporting your husband’s kingdom work Gina and Jamie, so that your husband’s hands can stretch out and draw others out of the high water.

  2. One of my favorite songs which has been a source of great comfort. I find myself humming it often.

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