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In Which I Make A Mildly-Comic, Semi-Compelling Case For Your Patronage

Hello Humans,

This one’s a shameless plug. (First I wrote “shamless plug” and it’s that too.)

My wife is a super-swell lady and I’m way proud of her. One thing, among many, she does well is make handmade things. (Handmakes things?)

She has a store and in this store, she sells items from time to time. This is a newish thing for us. Anyway, today she has a few new items for sale and I wonder if you wouldn’t mind popping over and having a peek at said items? May-hap you could see if you might like to buy one for yourself, or someone you love, for Christmas, or for sheer jocularity.

It’s good stuff. I actually wrote some of the ad copy (we’re literally a mom and pop shop) and you might enjoy reading it because it’s supposed to be intentionally funny and lead to peace in the Midwest.

There’s a tea/coffee cozy. (This picture -below- of the cozy cozy features my mug on a mug. Ha!)

There’s this thing called a “List-maker.” I have no idea what it’s for, but it’s very cute.

UPDATE: I’m informed this is called a “List-TAKER,” not a “List-MAKER.” Very different, certainly, by Jove. Apparently, this thing “takes” your lists. Then you are listless.

And there’s another of her popular banners. This one’s the best yet, by far. The words look cool and have this subtly glittering quality to them. Like magic. The picture doesn’t quite reveal the magicalness (magicality?) of it, so trust me. It says, “Peace To You.” See it.

Act fast while supplies last. (<–Rhyming.) OK, commercial over. Enjoy.


  1. Listless — top quality pun, there, S.D., and I grade puns very harshly.

    Also, I think Gina makes things by hand.

    AND, while I’m here, I have to defend my un-hip status: I don’t even own a car, much less a Prius (although my carless status could tip me over the hip scale in an environmentally-friendly way), I can’t afford Starbucks (though, again, I do drink fair trade coffee from my local coffee shop — shoot, I am not making this case very well). But, anyway, I love U2, and it’s mainly because I love their music, but also because of the way that they try to be a voice for the voiceless, and the way that they (three of them, I think) have maintained their surprisingly Evangelical faith through fame and other trials. Don’t know if I can do a link here, but in this interview excerpt Bono talks about Jesus the way I talk about Jesus. He does more of it in the book, which I read and really liked. http://www.thefish.com/music/interviews/11617924/Bono%3a-Grace-over-Karma/

  2. Admit it, Jessica! You are cool!

    I read that interview as well a few years back and it is incredible. Beautiful, I love it!

    I can’t argue with their good works. I am for it!

    Many people who love U2 are like way amazing music people I know and love, so who am I? Just some chump who’s lactose intolerant, balding, and likes college football!

    I shan’t condemn any human person who loves U2 as long as it’s OK if I remain outside the worshipers. 🙂

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