Just Saying: I Hate the Phrase, “Just Saying”…Just Saying (See How Awful It Is?)

I have been just sayin’ that I hate detest dislike this phrase in almost all its manifestations for some time. No one cares what I think though…just saying. <—Terrible, right?

Finally, some one else wrote the post going postal on this ubiquitous, iniquitous expression.

Thank you, Jon Acuff:

One part snark + One part bitterness + Just saying = Complete forgiveness for whatever you’ve just said…”

“…It’s cowardly. I’ve used this phrase before, and the reason I did was because I was being a wuss. I had something I wanted to say but still wanted to hold on to my thin veneer of holiness, so I said something mean and then ended the thought with ‘just saying’.”

See the whole post on Jon’s 4 reasons he hates the phrase, here.

Note: I’m aware this phrase can be used innocently. Don’t get all offended and stuff. I’m just…nevermind.


  1. So is this where I write something snarky and bitter about how you just offended those of us who are guilty as charged and use this phrase far more often then we should, and then end it with a “just saying”?

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