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Keep Calm and Borrow Internet: This is a Bulletin from the Emergency Broadcasting Network

“We’re all fine here….how are you?” Han Solo

We are visiting my brother Josiah at the moment and he once again has 1) power and 2) internet, so those are things we don’t have and therefore I’m taking this opportunity to let you know that we are doing well! Thanks for asking. 🙂 Also, normal broadcasting will resume at SDSmith.net as soon as the situation normalizes (as we say in the situation normalization business). I had already scheduled posts for Story Warren last week and things are pretty normal over there. (Thanks, James Witmer.) If you are, for some odd reason, wishing to read something from yours truly, then Monday’s Story Warren post, “Anticipating the Right-Side Up World Through Imagination” is available for your viewing enjoyment.

Speaking of Story Warren. Please do read the other posts there this week. I love Zach Franzen’s! Zach’s first post is great, and you can peek inside the mind of the man who created the SW banner and the logo. He is such a huge asset to the SW family (that was an allusion to his post –which has an original illustration and a wonderful poem for the kids and the adults). And take special note of an Independence Day post (tomorrow) by our very own Sally Lloyd-Jones, author of The Jesus Story-Book Bible and….a Brit. On July 4th? Cheeky! Don’t miss it. It’s great. Then Thursday you will hear from one of my all-time favorite writers and poets, Rebecca Reynolds. Incapable of writing anything remotely boring. She’s starting a series you will love.

I don’t have a lot of time, but wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and well-wishes. (My ability to be on-line has been almost non-existent, but I have updated Twitter and, through that, Facebook a few times, mostly by text. It’s a magical world, right?) Please keep praying for our area and the millions around without power. Some don’t have water. We have had water the entire time and that has been among the many graces we have received during this challenge. We are not sure when power will be restored, but are told it might be as late as Sunday.

Our family is having an adventure, with many challenges and triumphs. Gina is doing well, as are all the kids, including Baby Norah. I’ll probably write about all this adventuring at a later time. For now, God bless you all.

This poster, which I bought a while back at the antique store for 4$, has been more practical than theoretical lately.


  1. Thanks, Loren. Yes, I’ve been through one hurricane in Puerto Rico (Bertha) and this one has been worse in many ways than that experience. Especially because of the surprise. No warning at all, really. It was truly awesome and terrible.

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