Kingdoms and the Men Who Love Them

My 3 year old boy, after building with his blocks.

“Daddy, make sure you don’t knock over my kingdom…I’m going to go get some kind of weapon.”

 josiah's  kingdom (1)

I love it when the kids say things in a pseudo-grownup way. “Some kind of weapon.” Love that.

I am grateful to God for many things, and recently our Father has been giving me so much joy in these children he has given us. They are each unique, with needs and joys and gifts of their own. Lately it feels like things have been clicking for them spiritually in a deeper way.

It feels like God is answering some very specific prayers, which is a real joy on so many levels. I plan to get back to this topic later in the week.

What are you asking for God to give your kids?

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