The Last Archer AUDIOBOOK, EBOOK Now Here! (Amazon, Audible—>Available!)

The Last Archer: A Green Ember Story is now available in audiobook and eBook! It’s available at Audible, on Kindle, and at Amazon Prime (in all formats).(SECRET INFO: The audiobook is FREE on Audible if you aren’t a member.) You can even order it in print there now. If you select SammyGram, I will appear in your house via hologram and read stories to you in a Lithuanian accent.

*One of these sentences contains untruths.

Something You Can Do For Us
One thing that helps big time is reviews. Well, good reviews. I’m sure you’re alarmed to discover that bad reviews don’t help. If you enjoyed The Last Archer, please consider giving it an excellent rating and brief review at Amazon, Audible, and/or Goodreads.

Please share the good news that The Last Archer is available in eBook and audio! Share this Facebook post, if you would!

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