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Last Day For Christmas SHIPPING (Standard) And A GREEN EMBER MUG GIVEAWAY!

1. Shipping Deadline!

The deadline for non-digital Christmas orders from our store is TODAY, December 13th (for Standard shipping) and 19th (for Priority Shipping). All orders after that will ship on January 8th. This is your last chance to get first editions of The Last Archer from our store before Christmas. Order now?

2. Win a Free Green Ember Mug by the Real Eefaw Potter!

Eddy Efaw’s mugs are very popular and sell out quickly. But I have a few and I want to give one away. See this Instagram post for details. And please follow me there.

3. Share Your Images of The Last Archer!

We had a great time and shipped A LOT of books last Saturday. We can’t offer signed copies through the mail any more, but we made an exception for the first batch of The Last Archer. I couldn’t sign all of them, but I made it through nearly 2,000. We had a great team and our kids pitched in like champs! It was hard work, but so encouraging to see your names and addresses as the packages stacked up. Thank you! Some of you are posting pictures of getting The Last Archer. Thanks! Please tag me when you do and it wouldn’t hurt to link to the book. (That always helps!)

4. New Video! S. D. Smith on Family as an Obstacle to Creativity

I did a multipart interview with Story Warren. The first in a series of those is available now. If you don’t know about SW, it’s a site I co-founded years ago set up to be “allies in imagination” for families.

(Feel free to share this image.)

5. Writers Wanted!

Speaking of Story Warren, we just relaunched our site and we are looking for submissions. If you are a writer who shares our aim to serve families in this key area of imagination, then check this out. (Maybe share it with a writer friend?)

That’s all, folks! Thank you!

May God bless you and your family during this Advent season and into the coming Christmastide!

Your friend,


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