Let’s Get Ready to Rumble on Boxing Day

Every year I can’t remember why today, Boxing Day, is called Boxing Day. Then I look it up and realize people aren’t positively sure why. (Boxes for the needy seems to be the favorite.)

When I was first introduced to Boxing Day as a mere lad in the commonwealth nation of South Africa, I had the distinct impression it had something to do with all the boxes one would have after Christmas. A child’s fancy? Probably. I was likely still dazed from spending my first African Christmas swimming and eating watermelon.

Of course, it’s also St. Stephen’s Day and only the second day of Christmas. With ten more to follow!

What’s your theory on the origins of Boxing Day? Evolution? Creation? Let’s fight about it!

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  1. There was two guys named Boxer. They engaged in a fist fight over the boxes available at Sam’s Club checkout line many years ago. The distribution to the needy that followed was so successful that they agreed that their “boxing” (both pugalistic and altruistic) should be a yearly event. Hence Boxing Day. I haven’t been able to positively confirm this, but it seems very reasonable to me.

  2. I celebrated Boxing Day by tossing out a bunch of 90s computer software boxes I found at home. Why we still have 90s computer software boxes is a mystery.

    I don’t have a theory. Wikipedia says “Boxing Day is traditionally a day following Christmas when wealthy people in the United Kingdom would give a box containing a gift to their servants.” And also that in South Africa the name was changed to Day of Goodwill in 1994. (coincidentally, the year after the MS-DOS 6 upgrade box I threw away was printed.)

    Yay Wikipedia!

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