Like Dorothy and “The Great Oz”


Andrew Mackey has an outstanding post over at his blog about the importance (or not) of reading “the news.” I very much relate to this as I have a love/hate thing with “the news” and am frequently disgusted by the so-called “straight” news coverage and even more by almost all the opinion talkovereachotherites on the almost entirely unwatchable “news” channels. Still worse, the arrogant and entertaining stupidity of Stewart/Colbert (which is all the “news” a host of people who actually vote get). The news increasingly feels to me like the scene where Dorothy meets “The Great Oz.” Um, I can totally see you back there, dude.

Note: I understand that I am using “quotation marks” way too much. But once you start it’s hard to go back.

Andrew supplies a nice Lewis quotation and follows it up with this:

“…He’s probably right. I’m not sure where to find the balance between paying attention to what goes on in the world around me and, as he put it, an incurable taste for vulgarity and sensationalism.

This has come to the fore for me in the recent redesign of They now display a little graph of the most-read stories in the top right. As I write this, Heidi Klum’s Halloween is the most read story. It’s followed by three straight stories about extreme violence.

I have far more questions than I have conclusions, but perhaps the whole of western civilization could stand to take a look at what we’re interested in / fascinated by. Perhaps we should, as Lewis suggests, spend our time on things that will not be untrue or irrelevant ten years from now. I think our wonderous technology lends “news” to being irrelevant/untrue in ten minutes rather than ten years.”

Read it all (it’s brief) here.


  1. I feel like this is quite appropriate today. My iGoogle headlines are all about the Ft. Hood shooting, the Orlando shooting that just happened and Sandra Bullock. I really enjoy the weekend when I am away from the computer and not bombarded by headlines.

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