Looking for the new Slugs & Bugs record? Have you looked under there? Under where? Under WHERE? UNDER WHERE?!

I am super-delighted to report that my church, Providence Bible Church, will be welcoming Randall Goodgame to Beckley, West Virginia at 7pm on 11/11/11. (That’s November 11th.) We’re inviting all kids and their parents to come and enjoy a happy, hopping time at our area’s first Slugs & Bugs show! Yay. Check out our Facebook page for the concert for details and let us know you’re coming.

The new Slugs & Bugs record, Under Where? released Wednesday. You can buy it here. Our family LOVES it and I’m pretty sure yours will too.

There is an absolutely spot-on review of the new Slugs & Bugs record from Randall Goodgame over at The Rabbit Room.  Jonathan Rogers puts it through the uprights from 75 yards with 20 yards to spare. Here is a small portion. -Sam

“There is a long tradition that treats story and song as a means of sneaking lessons past our children’s defenses. “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down,” according to Mary Poppins. Mrs. Jerry Seinfeld published a book called Deceptively Delicious, with recipes for spinach brownies and chocolate chip muffins with yellow squash and whatnot, whereby children unwittingly ingest vitamins while they eat dessert. That’s not what happens here. In the Slugs & Bugs world, the sugar is the medicine. It’s a world where delight carries the day, whether that’s the delight we experience in ninjas and lightning bugs and getting dizzy, or the delight that God experiences when he sees the children he loves so deeply. Slugs and Bugs reminds us that delight is intertwined with grace, coming and going.

“So, children, what lesson can we learn from Slugs & Bugs: Under Where? Simply this: the world where we live and move and have our being is a world full of delight. And also this: you, child, are a source of delight yourself. You are loved.”

That was Jonathan Rogers. Read the entire Rabbit Room review AND LISTEN TO A FREE SONG YOU WILL LOVE here.

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