Love is a Diptych

Marriage is a poem, but it’s other things too.

A friend of mine is doing a project I wanted to share with you.

He and his wife are photographers and they have a thriving business in Huntington, West Virginia called Boekell Photography (Boekell is their name). They aren’t like your aunt’s cousin who has a digital camera and a Facebook page (no offense). They are professionals and this is their vocation. They are artists.

Anyway, now that I’ve made everyone and their aunt’s cousin mad, I’ll tell you about this artful, uncomplicated project that I’ve enjoyed watching.

They are taking one picture each, without consulting one another, and then sharing them together in something (I had to look up) called a diptych. They are going to do this every day for one year. They are using only an iPhone and only Instagram for editing.

They started it on their 3rd anniversary. It’s called the life.together project.

The results have been neat so far. Go over and check out the site where they are daily displaying these pairings of separate things into a joined up work of art. And maybe think of how beautiful marriage is.

Marriage is a poem. It is a diptych, an ongoing work of art. We are not really less when we are paired, only more.

This, obviously, is one of their images.


  1. well… at least we know how to spell diptych now. thanks, Mr. S.D. Your words stirred Sarah Beth and my love a little more as we read them together… and reminded us we should post today photos right before midnight… sigh… that was close.

  2. Well now, this is just extremely cool. Thanks for posting Sam and thank you Boekells for this wonderful idea. I’m intrigued and inspired. My wife is not much of a photographer/artist type but my daughter sure is. I may just take a page from your playbook and start a father-daughter-diptych : ) This is just very cool. Thanks!

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