Maybe I Should Run for Office (aka “I Lied”)

Remember back when I said I was done posting for the week? Well, I had forgotten that I planned to engage in Loren Eaton’s Christmas Eve Shared Storytelling extravaganza.

Loren is hosting this event at his site, I Saw Lightning Fall, but he had asked that everyone involved post their own “ghost” story at their own blog. 

The idea is to post a 100 word, flash fiction story with a spooky-like Christmas theme.

Now, I am not a fan of horror, and am rather more often on the strongly dislike side of that chasm. But the point of congress for me is in the murky in-between of speculative delight. I absolutely hate slasher movies and anything like that. But I like movies like The Village and Signs, if that gives you some idea of where I’m at.

So I didn’t write a “ghost” story exactly, but I tried to get into the spirit of things with my offering.

Note: Writing fiction in 100 words is like asking you to pick which you’d like to keep: your eyes, nose, ears, or tongue. It is a series of painful choices. It’s also a great exercise.

I hope you like the story tomorrow and that it isn’t a waist of thirty seconds of your life.

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