Ms. Sandy Frankenstorm-Rodham-Blizzard, Storm of the Day (and Century?)

Image from NASA

Hello Friends,

I have nothing to say, but fear itself. No, seriously, I just want to say I’m praying for all of you affected by the storm, and hoping all is well with you. I’m not sure if we will have power when this posts tomorrow at 8am (it’s now today, duh, Monday October 29, 2012), but I hope so. We sort of easily lose power by way of wind or snow and this looks to be what Weatherpeoples refer to as a whopper for our area in both snowfall and wind. So, who knows.

I hope you all are safe and OK.

We are all well now and preparing as best we can. We have a generator on order that should arrive right after the storm. But we have lots of blankets and neighbors with generators if we get desperate, cold, or desperately cold.

God bless and keep you each, and peace to you all. And Happy Halloween, Reformation Day, Harvest Festival Day, or Family Togetherness in the Dark and Cold Day. 🙂 <–smiles

Your friend and mine, Sam

The Sam and Gina Smiths at the West Virginia State Capitol


  1. Sam! Praying for you guys. I’m guessing by the lack of communication online that you guys are without power, etc. Please be safe and warm and know your family is being prayed for!

  2. Hahaha! That first sentence made me laugh so much. Thanks Sam 🙂 I’m in Baltimore and Sandy was rough, but we’re OK. So far so good. I hope you and your family are staying warm!

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