Must See: An Incredible Drawing My Friend Found in a Student’s Desk After Class

My friend is the Mr. Webb pictured below. He quipped: “Some days I wonder why I chose to be a teacher. Then a student draws you a picture and lets you know how much they care.”

My favorite: the fridge.

(Click to enlargify.)


  1. that is hilarious …. I think you drew something like that in high school involving “Mr Webb” getting dunked on … Everyone is threatened by Mr Webb.

  2. Lest I appear like a total sicko, I feel the sudden need to clarify that what I find so hilarious is the quote from Mr. Web that you included with the pic. That’s what makes it so funny.

  3. Amy, why are you such a sicko. I put this up here to serve as a moral lesson. I can’t believe you’re laughing at it.

    Natalie: I think it’s a boulder.

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