My 100 Word “Advent Ghosts” Story

Every year, my friend Loren Eaton hosts this cool storytelling tradition at his blog, I Saw Lightning Fall. 100 words exactly and it’s supposed to be eerie, or haunting. I have participated for several years and always enjoy writing and reading the other entries. (Picture from the American Society of Cinematographers.) My story is called “Striver.”


My testimony, you gods. Yes, I fought you. Yes, I denounced you, killed priests, brewed wars, shattered your sanctuaries. Yes, I became king, made her queen. What of it? What you were, I wanted to be. I took life, yes. Like you. I apologize for nothing.

My end? I was never conquered, really.

I arose, scanning heaven. The ninth sun, which should have been rising, was half-dark –growing darker. It slowly fell out of the sky, careering down like a wounded bird, buried in the ocean.

We lived on for twenty terrifying minutes.

She begged me to save her.


  1. Yeah, like James said, it reminds me of “Til We Have Faces.” Questioning the gods…

    “…twenty terrifying minutes…” I like that a lot. I don’t really know why. It’s one of those stories that begs to be reread.

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