My Beautiful Wife

IMG_1085-300x300My lovely wife, Gina, is tackling a new project over at her blog. Actually, it’s an old one, but she’s sharing it in little glimpses this year.

I wish I could adequately express how grateful I am for Gina. The word which most readily comes to mind when I think of her is “beautiful.”

She is a beautiful woman in so many ways, ways I could go on and on about. But there are countless pretty women, and there are many beautiful women, but Gina is beautiful in a rare way.

Her beauty is the begetting kind.

She is a mother. Her beauty multiplies.

It’s in sensible advice, on dinner tables, in Christmas gifts, in projects and changed diapers and mountains of laundry and all over our home and in our hearts. I am blessed in countless ways to have Gina for my wife.

We’ve had more pain in the last few years than we have felt up to coping with. I haven’t always coped very well. But I can say that one of the many ways God has shown me his unfailing love is in the gift of having Gina and in experiencing her home-focused devotion to our family. It has been a haven.

It is a recurring theme of my life that what I talk about, Gina embodies. She is a person of action. I have some vision, ideas, dreams, and plans. Gina is an actor. She does things. She is a poem, the best works of this family. Some people believe me to be the “creative one” in our family, but anyone who knows us at all knows this is far from true.  2012-08-21_1345510797-300x300

She adds beauty as a ritual. As an act of worship.

Is it usually humble? Is it domestic? Is it, as some would say, “small?”

Yes, and world-changing.

This woman, this multiplying mother, this beautiful begetter of beauty, is sharing some very small snapshots of her vocation. I commend it to you, with gratitude.



  1. Bless you, Sam, for this wonderful tribute to Gina. She is indeed beautiful inside and out, and what a great example to your children and to all of us who are blessed to know her.

  2. It is one of my life’s greatest blessings to know you and your beautiful wife. May God continue to work in your lives and love for each other. I love you all dearly.

  3. Do you know what happens to someone who wears glasses when they start weeping before they have a chance to take their glasses off?
    Quit making me cry boyo.

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