My Dear, I love you. And I see you.

My Dear, I love you. And I see you.

I see how you work so hard every day without enough recognition.

I see how you turn chaos and messes into order and beauty.

I see how your imagination becomes lovely things made for loved ones.

I see how you press on when you’re bone tired and deeply discouraged.

I see how you find energy to do one more math worksheet when you would almost rather be doing anything else.

I see how you stay and work on, when demanding time for yourself would be so justifiable.

I see how you laugh and still have that lovely light in your green eyes you had when we first fell in love.

I see how you’ve grown and changed in so many ways.

I see what you’ve given up to be with me, what it’s meant for you to take my name and love me.

I see you turn away from lies enticing toward envy, see you bravely ignore insistent advocates of rebellion.

I see you say yes to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful.

I see how you pour out your life for little people who can’t really understand how you are the finger of God to transform their lives.

I see how you stand at the bloody barricade of our children’s hearts and make terrible war on the forces of darkness every day.

I see how you take many little measures and by wisdom, work, and art, make feasts that delight.

I see how you welcome guests with sincerity and zeal.

I see you modeling the story I am called to live out toward Christ with grace and joy.

I see you turning aside from fear and living by faith in your calling.

I see how you walk through life and leave a trail of beauty and refreshment behind you.

I see how you make few arguments with your words, but give evidence of the beauty of how God made the world a thousand times every day.

I see how beautiful you are, how you are becoming more beautiful every year.

I see you live.

I see you and I love you.

I am so grateful for you and I admire you so.

Happy Birthday, Gina Gayle Smith.


  1. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. Happy birthday, Gina! We missed seeing all of you during our recent visit. Next one, we hope!

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