My Favorite Word


I am thankful for the heaping truckloads of mercy in my life.

Tonight one of my elders prayed for me. He had stage four brain cancer, brain tumors, ten years ago. He’s still here and having a big impact on me, my family, and my community. He, along with the other elders who watch over my soul, are a gift of God in my life. These men hold me accountable, love me, and lead me. I am so thankful for that mercy.

God is giving me opportunities which amaze me in an area I love -writing. This is grace!

Though I would not honestly describe myself as robustly healthy, I am thankful that I am here, alive, and mostly well. My family is healthy. This is mercy.

When I consider what I deserve, and what has been given to me instead, I am overwhelmed by God’s kindness to me in Christ. Mercy.

Every good I have and every bad thing being worked into something good is from God for his own glory and my deepest joy.

Mercy. My favorite word.

I think cultivating a countercultural thankfulness to and joy in God is central to the authentic Christian life. Oh contentment, the white whale of our culture. Except we are usually not searching for it with any passion.

So here’s your chance out here in public with two or three other people reading. What are you grateful for?


  1. Right now I am thankful for my stove where I am cooking spaghetti noodles and making sauce from scratch. I am also thankful for the bobby pins holding back my hair from the heat and steam of all my cooking. Does being thankful for the little things count, O SD, thou wonderful speller?

  2. Gracenmercy. My favorite word too. There’s so much stuffed tight within that bag, I don’t know if anything else is left sitting on my floor.

    I’ll mention good music and good writing with Heather Irene just in case it’s not in the GnM bag, but I have a feeling it is.

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