My Novel (Shadwell) Makes Second Round of Amazon/Penguin Contest

The contest is the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award.

I made it into the top 1,000,000,000,000 and am therefore pretty sure to win.

OK, really it’s only the top 1,000. It was based solely on the book pitch (short summary of the book). This is good. Next they narrow it down to the Top 250 (reading an excerpt from the book).

It’s like American Idol except with no idols or Americans and it’s non-sexy writers like me with pale skin and agoraphobia who only go out when the next Star Trek sequel is in theaters.

Here are the top 1,000 if anyone wants to scroll down and find my name (don’t really do that, Mom).

I’ll be sure to update everyone when I crash and burn in the next round.

Two friends made it into the second round as well: Robert Treskillard and Pete Peterson. Congratulations, fellows!

Thanks for all the nice remarks on Facebook yesterday!

Possible cover for my novel?


  1. This was the only place missing a comment from me, so I figured I’d just go ahead and fill it in. When it’s published, will you get a special hard bound edition, preferably leather with gold lettering, just for me. Thanks.

  2. “That is a very good job Sam Smith” said Joshua Daniel Perry, with a very very happy face. I also sent a real cool story for this very good contest. I am still waiting to see if I made it along with you and your buddies. “Pray for me”, Josh asked.

  3. Can I have “Cooking With Pooh” as my book cover, too? Or is that trademarked? Copyrighted? Second-Breakfasted?

    Thanks for the mention, Sam! And I fully expect you to make it into the next round. Chin up, my man!

  4. I will handwrite it out for you on thin sheets of gold, Jodi. Or…

    And for you, MKhulu.

    Nice story, JP.

    Oh, Rob. If I make it I would be a little surprised, but maybe that’s just because I have low self-esteem and high socks.

    But it would be sweet to be in the top 250 with you and Pete and some guy named Ricky.

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