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My Novel, The Green Ember, is Headed Your Way

My novel journey is over. Or, I guess, it’s finally beginning. It’s been a long wait, a wait that involved mountains of work. But tomorrow The Green Ember will be available for pre-sale.

I’m excited about what we’ve done. And saying “we” was not one of  the miny, meny typos I like to include in my manuscripts.

The Green Ember by S.D. Smith

The Green Ember was a team effort. The first stories that became this book were told to my little kids over many years. So they were the first audience and editors. I wrote several drafts, then received help from many people, starting inside my own family, and extending to other close friends and professional editors. Zach Franzen has created some magnificent illustrations to bring to life the interior of the book, and has created cover art I absolutely love. In fact, this is the day we’re releasing the cover. (Like a dove, it flies into the digital world, immediately wounded that more people aren’t taking her more seriously.)  Again, the art was done by Zach. The cover was designed by Paul Boekell, and I love what he’s done with it. I love the depth and how it feel like the words are in the image, not on it. That was Paul. I hope you like it.

Andrew Mackay. My man. This man did so much. Without you, this is just a frustrating dream. “My place beside you…”

Yes, The Green Ember was a team effort, and it still is. Tomorrow, we’ll be launching a pre-sale of the book using a site called KickStarter. It’s a fun way to do this! You can just get the paperback for $15 and that’s great, but there are a bunch of other cool options for those who would like to get more and give more. I hope you’ll check it out.

I also hope you’ll consider sharing the KickStarter site/video with your friends. Posting on Facebook and Twitter is very nice and I am very grateful for all those who will do that several times, but a personal email to some people you think would enjoy it would be wonderful.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a friend or family, or an ally on some front. Thank you so much. Thanks for hanging with me and cheering us on. I’m so excited to get this story into your hands. Of all the conflicting motivations that go into investing such a large amount of effort into something, the one I believe that drove me on was love for you, the eventual reader of the book.

I believe this is a vocation, that it’s a calling. That doesn’t mean sneaky messages, or using storytelling as a tract. God made the world and stories are part of the world he made. A sunlit tree doesn’t need a Bible verse carved on it to speak of God’s glory and the goodness of creation. Nor do stories need a bait & switch to sneak in a “Christian message.” Beautiful storytelling is itself a Christian message, needing nothing else. Like the tree, it says all it needs to say. I hope this is a good story. If it’s not, it’s not God’s fault. It’s mine.

My first and most precious audience is my kids. But the long job of turning the tales I told them into a book has set my heart on loving and serving people beyond my own blood. For whatever part of this collaborative project came down to my own imagination and work, let me be clear.

I made this for you.


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