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My Place Beside You! The Green Ember Finale Releases Today, Here At “The End Of The World.”

It’s here. Here it is! It’s the official release day of Ember’s End, the finale of The Green Ember Series!

Like so many of you, I have mixed emotions these days. It’s a little bit hard to celebrate something like a book release during a global pandemic—when so many heroes are fighting for the lives of others. I am so grateful for those risking their lives, while most of us have the relatively easy job of sitting on the bench for a little while. We’re not all heroes in this crisis, but we can at least not be villains. (We can stay home, for instance.)

But how do we know what heroes and villains are? We know because of stories.

We need stories of bravery. We need stories to make us brave. 

I do. 

Ember’s End is such a story. The Green Ember Series is such a saga. 

I do feel conflicted, and I don’t like being “salesy” or “noisy” at this time. It seems like the internet is flooded with shiny distractions to “occupy” us during this. There’s so much that is good, but I hate adding to the noise. 

I can’t be silent about this. I believe in the power and importance of faithful stories. Stories that are, as Heidi Johnsons says, “an escape into reality.” She meant stories that echo the Story, that tell the Truth with Beauty and reflect Reality.  

I believe in these stories. In this story, Ember’s End. I believe it will serve children who need it. It’s not a cure for any virus, but it is soul food. We need to feast on the true, the good, and beautiful, even in a famine. Especially in a famine. 

Culturally, our souls are famished. 

We need stories of bravery. Stories to make us brave. 

This is the best I’ve got. And I want you to have it. 

The truth is that I love you. I love the children who read my stories and I always will. My own children were the first audience, and so I’ve always been creating these tales from a place of deep affection. 

Thank you so much for the incredible privilege of being welcomed into your home and into the hearts of your family. 

To me, you are heroes. You are giving your kids a gift of imagination. Of light and love. I am so happy to be your ally in this quest. We make a good team.

To those who got Ember’s End on preorder and have read it. Would you consider rating and reviewing it at Amazon


  1. To Mr.S.D. Smith: THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!!!! Just got it on amazon kindle book and finished reading it!! Thank you so much Mr. Sd Smith!!

  2. To Mr.S.D. Smith: THIS BOOK IS AMAZING!!!! Just got it on amzon kindle and finished reading it! Thank you so much, Mr. S.D Smith!!!!!!!

  3. My family has been listening to these stories for the past month on audiobook, and are almost ready to listen to this “final” installment (hopefully not really the final installment).

  4. the green ember seiries has been an enjoyment for me and my whole family, and when we had to wait practecly a whole year for the next insalment of the green ember, me and my familly had to wait patiently (it was hard, very very hard) for embers end, and even before it was officialy released we already pre-ordered it. and when we got it, i read it before even my siblings, i read it in a DAY AND A HALF. i was pretty tired the next day (b/c of the fact that i went to bed really late b/c of reading embers end) and when i finished it realisation finaly hit me: this was the END of all our endeavors, the mended wood. i realized it was basically OVER it was done. there cannot be another good adventure novel in the series b/c of the way it ended. now all i can hope is that you will finish the writing of ‘prince lander and the dragon war’ so i can finish the WHOLE green ember story. (and i would like to know more about golden coast, i don’t know a thing about golden coast besides that there where stuff that howled and they attacked them of golden coast)
    PS i would like to know what the “real last name” of fleck Blackstar and that of his father
    PPS dont pay atention to my spelling mistakes

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