My Wife Contra Mundum

My wife is the most inIMG_0241fluential person in my life. She is a relentless force for good in our family life. She is a life-giver. She is beautiful, a mother begetting beauty daily in a thousand ways. She is an artist. I live on her canvas, am treated to a life-time backstage pass to her quiet, graceful, and glorious performance.

She argues without words against the fear which dominates and ensnares victims of a misguided envy. Her happiness and art are a tonic in a culture glutting on a poisonous feast of indignation against God and the way he made the world. She answers the cacophony of rebellion with love, with a life of love.

She is dignified and lovely, strong and beautiful. She is faithful to her callings. I am in awe of this woman, an artist and my favorite art.

I love and admire her so much.


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