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My Young Artist, Justin Gerard, and Zach Franzen

I just spent the last hour with my son looking through the fine illustrations of Zach Franzen and Justin Gerard. He’s 6 and spends a lot of time drawing. He wants to be an illustrator some day (as well as a writer, actor, movie-maker, preacher, etc.) so I love putting these guys in front of him as examples. (Especially since they are operating out of a worldview in happy devotion to King Jesus.) Zach actually did an illustration for one of my stories that was published a couple of years ago. It remains an ambition to work with Justin in some capacity. (I mean other than our secret work for the Shadow Government run from the Moon. From the futuristic base on the Moon. Lunarville. It’s called Lunarville.)

I saw today that Justin (pictured above -with me- doing Blue Steel or a variant) has a new sketchbook out for 2011. I promptly ordered it to enjoy for myself and to serve as inspiration for my young future/current illustrator. I say current because a few days ago he created a fine, comic story, well-illustrated, about onions. It did not make me cry, but I did laugh out loud.

Maybe Justin hasn’t sold out of his Sketchbook yet. (You can order it here.) And be on the lookout for more fantastic stuff from him and Zach.

From Zach’s Gallery

From Justin’s Sketchbook

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