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Narnianity: A Must-Watch For Lewis Buffs

Alan Jacobs sits down with Doug and N.D. Wilson to talk C.S. Lewis. They range all over, from films to the Space Trilogy with asides that will delight fans of the creator of Narnia.

This was a real pleasure to watch. I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you’re a Lewis fan, a movie buff, a story lover, a Christian, a human, you’ll appreciate this.

I loved Alan Jacob’s book The Narnian, and if you watch this you’ll see why. The man, in fact all three of these fellows, absolutely get Narnia. They also deeply get Lewis himself and his magical worldview.

Many expressed concerns over The Great Divorce film adaptation in the works (by N.D Wilson). If you’re one of those people, I’d watch this and your mind might change. At least you’ll appreciate that the story is in good hands. Who knows if that will issue in a great movie.

This, my friends, is gold. It’s gold-plated gold. Enjoy.


  1. Gold-plated gold is so apt! Thanks for sharing this, it’s fantastic. Makes me feel like we’re getting a taste of what conversations of the Inklings might have been like. I got to hear Jacobs speak at Calvin a couple of years ago and thought “this is as close as I’ll get to hearing Lewis”. Love it!

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