Networks That Aren’t In Decline

“This picture has nothing to do with this post, but all cats should die.” -Male Human

David Brooks talks about what makes for success in the modern world economy: Networks.

“Howard Gardner of Harvard once put together a composite picture of the extraordinarily creative person: She comes from a little place somewhat removed from the center of power and influence. As an adolescent, she feels herself outgrowing her own small circle. She moves to a metropolis and finds a group of people who share her passions and interests. She gets involved with a team to create something amazing.

Then, at some point, she finds her own problem, which is related to and yet different from the problems that concern others in her group. She breaks off and struggles and finally emerges with some new thing. She brings it back to her circle. It is tested, refined and improved.

The main point in this composite story is that creativity is not a solitary process. It happens within networks. It happens when talented people get together, when idea systems and mentalities merge.”

(The rest of the article is here.) This has become a big feature of my thoughts in the last few years. Seth Godin’s Tribes moved me from undirected thinking on the subject to very concrete planning. I feel a desire to help connect thoughtful Christians who love sub-creative art with both artists and with each other, appreciators and receivers all. Maybe one day soonish I’ll be able to share some more on this.

Hint: It has nothing to do with the rumors that I have invented a new way to facebook your e-mail websites. (But I have.)

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