New and Exciting: Welcome!


Welcome to the brand new internet home of S.D. Smith. Who is -am- me, I. You are very welcome. If you are traveling here from the old home place (The Maple Mountain Story Club), then perhaps you are wondering why I have made the switch.

There are a few reasons.

One is simple clarity. The MMSC was intended to be a collaborative effort that would initially be myself and Andrew, and then later expand to some others. That got derailed along the way and it kind of just became my own blog. But it has a silly, misleading title, and I have long intended to simplify and clarify.

Two: I want to make it easier on people who are doing web-searches. People who are looking for my writing may search for my name, but are unlikely to search for “Maple Mountain Story Club.” So, there’s that. I think it serves my readers better.

Three: This allows me to develop a more flexible website which is easier to navigate and has a lot more options.

Four: A Russian sailor who gave me a bag of gold told me I would have good luck if I “svitched ower.”

I have tried to direct people to link to www.sdsmith.net (which was redirecting to the MMSC) for a while in anticipation that I would at some point get this website moving. The day has finally come. So, if you haven’t yet, please make the switch over in your link to www.sdsmith.net. Thanks a zillion.

You may be concerned about what will change. Well, not much. I’m just going to try to be a little more focused (something I’ve been trying to do for a while).

Note: If you want to bookmark the blog (for a link, or RSS), then just do www.sdsmith.net/blog. The front page will have the most recent posts, but don’t mistake that for the blog. The front page has the latest post and some other things, but it is not the blog.

As always, if there are any questions or comments, please comment away here at the blog, or visit the Contact page to…um, contact me.

Again, a huge word of thanks to Brian Patton for creating this website out of the following raw materials: Bolts, wine, snack-packs, ore from Settlers of Catan, indecipherable animal innards, and pieces of wood from the lumber of the chair his enormous rear end broke at my house.

monkeysThanks to you all for your support. I hope you are comfortable in my new home. You are very welcome.


  1. I almost choked up as I hit “yes” to the question “delete this gadget?” while I was switching blogs on my Google homepage. I quickly recovered, however, and moved SD Smith Blog to it’s proper place on my homepage…below Working Title.

  2. Whew! When I saw that post yesterday I thought, “What? Did he see me put a link to MMSC from my website and decide that it was too much?!?” Ok. That’s not completely true.

    The new site looks great, though!

  3. When ya comin’ over to set yourself up on my ‘puter. You know I can’t do it and Red is in F’ville. Meanwhile I’ll find you every day. Looks good to me.

  4. wowie sweetie… that’s one rad site you’ve got here. I will make the rss switcheroo asap.

    i feel right at home… congrats on the launch!

  5. Thanks everyone- I appreciate the comments and the good vibes.

    I too will miss the Maple Mountain Story Club. Perhaps the future holds new adventures for that romantic place of romantic romance.

    Meanwhile I’m going to try to do my best at this new location in honor of all those full-grown polar bears I killed earlier today. I think they would have wanted it that way.

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